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10 Party Bus Ideas for Your Night Out in Chicagoland

The night is young, your friends are excited, and you are ready to celebrate the time of your life! There is only one problem: your transport is outdated and boring. 

Separate cars, designated drivers, and a quiet trip from party to party do not sound like the way to keep a night exciting.

What about a party bus? What is a party bus and how does it work?

Eager to hear about our party bus ideas? Good, read on for more!

What is a Party Bus

The party bus is a grand affair on wheels! The idea is to take a charter bus and rent it for an evening, taking you and your friends around in transport that is stylish and spacious. 

A party bus isn’t there to only take you to the party. A party bus is the party! A party bus can have all sorts of amenities, such as TV screens, a cooler for drinks, or a built-in sound system. 

What is the real benefit to taking a party bus over heading to an establishment made for entertainment? Let us help you get the right idea about party buses.

Getting Some Party Bus Ideas

These 10 things listed below are some of the basic perks of choosing a party bus for a celebration. No matter the party, no matter the size of your entourage, a party bus can make a night memorable. 

1. Leave the Driving to Someone Else

Getting to a party is not the highlight of the evening. At least not for a good party.

Having to drive to the location is bad enough, needing to find a parking space as well? It kills the mood. 

With a party bus, the transport is in good hands, you don’t need to worry about a thing. It also makes the trip to your destination part of the fun, letting you set the mood for the rest of the night.

You should note that where a lot of parties exist, so does drinking. Your safety is important, so drinking and driving should never be an option, even if the drinking was minimal! 

The party bus makes sure you get home safe and sound, and without the extra fuss of finding a ride as the party winds down. We will take the designated driver role.

2. Keeping the Group Convenient

Securing rides for a group can be a pain.

The bigger the group, the more hassle it may be to keep together. If the party ends up going from place to place, you will be drowning as you try to keep everyone together and transported.

With the party bus, everyone gets on and off together. You keep everyone together, and the convenience will make the entire night run smooth and easy.

3. The Unique Party You Want

So many parties end up at a specific place. Very few parties roll up to your house and take you wherever your heart desires.

There is a specialness to a party bus. It has a grandiose air to it that keeps the night fresh and unique. 

The party bus gives you so many options that there is little that can make your night unmemorable. Wherever you want to go, you go there in style and keep the excitement and fun going along the way!

4. Bringing Everyone Together

A night on the town is a great time for everyone involved. Being with friends, sharing laughter and memories is a way to really bond with people.

With the party bus, you never have to interrupt those moments for the sake of transport. You take the moments with you, like your friends.

5. Party Bus Options

A party bus is not a block on wheels. A good party bus has options and gives you the details for the entertainment you want.

Very few party busses are the same. While most have comfortable lounge seating, some add on to that with refreshments, electronic entertainment, and full control of temperature and lighting.

Want to watch some movies? That is a common addition. Want to blare some music between the trips to the clubs? Speaker systems are a frequent addon and surround sound is a must. 

Need a stocked cooler to keep the drinks rolling? It is a possible addition to the evening. 

6. Party Bus Security

A night on the town may not always be a safe affair.

Besides the drinking and driving issue stated earlier, there are still troubles lurking around corners for those who are not aware.

You can give yourself a bit of safety with a party bus. Each one has a trained and experienced chauffeur and is capable of navigating the streets with a watchful eye for potential car accidents and shady parts of town.

You are safe with a good party bus. 

7. Whatever Locations Fit

When you plan a party, where do you want it to be? If a location turns out to be a dud, where do you go?

With a party bus, the answer is anywhere, and sometimes nowhere at all! A party bus can travel as long and as far as you desire, and the party comes with you. 

8. A Night to Remember

While not everyone likes to show off, there is a certain sense of pride in wowing your friends with a party bus.

With a party bus, you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary! Give you and your friends a night to remember where the party doesn’t stop. 

9. A Chance to Explore

Chicago is a beautiful city. It has a wondrous nightlife and a thousand attractions and locations that will dazzle you. 

With a party bus, go and see it all! Pick a route, make a list of wonderful vacations, and keep the spirit rolling from wonderful event to wonderful event.

10. Saving Money

With all of this wonder and benefits, a party bus must be a massive expenditure! 

It might surprise you! There are a host of deals for bus rental, all of which can work into your budget

There is no need to shy away from the nightlife because you think it is only for the rich and famous! Go out, live a little, make your party worth every penny, we are certain it will be!

Keeping the Party Rolling

With all these party bus ideas, you have a firm grasp on how much fun you can add to an evening with a simple charter bus rental!

Eager to check out the nitty-gritty details? Contact us today for more info on where your night on the party bus can go!

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