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Considered to be one of the most exceptional ground transportation companies, Ideal Charter is renowned for providing excellent and dependable bus tours from Chicago. No matter if you are a Chicagoan who is going on an exciting bus tour of the City, or you are an out-of-towner interested in charter tours of the magnificent sights and sounds of Chicago, no one does it better than Ideal Charter. We are recognized as the preeminent source of charter tours of the region. Not only do we provide the most extraordinary services to our clientele, but we also have the most affordable prices in the industry. You also can always rely upon our chauffeurs to be highly professional and extremely courteous. As always, Ideal Charter will ensure that your bus tour is comfortable, convenient and safe. With Ideal Charter, you will never have to be concerned about getting to your destinations on time, all the time! There is no mystery as to why Chicagoans persist in selecting the bus tours of Ideal Charter to the competition!

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In comparison to other companies, Ideal Charter has the organizational skills and expertise to handle everything smoothly and efficiently for our Chicago clientele. We clearly have everything under control! Chicagoans are fortunate to have one of the most fascinating and exciting playgrounds right in their midst, so they are no strangers to taking a tour bus around their own City. What’s not to do in Chicago? Whenever Chicagoans are interested in getting together with a group of friends or club members, or showing relatives from out of town the impressive and breathtaking sights of the area, they wouldn’t even consider any other tour bus company than the best – Ideal Charter! We are able to handle all group sizes. So whether you have a smaller, more intimate group or a larger one, we have the talent and ability to take care of it.   Not only is Ideal Charter seen as having the best ground transportation in the Chicago area, but we also known for being able to offer the most efficient and affordable bus tours. When it comes to bus tours from Chicago, we’re recognized as the best!

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Ideal Charter not only meets the needs of its clients, but they are well-known for exceeding them!   We provide the most highly trained and skilled chauffeurs, in addition to making sure that our customers enjoy their charter tours with us from start to finish. Our reputation for delivering a seamless, hassle-free tour bus experience will assure that you can ride with confidence when you ride with Ideal Charter! You can always depend upon our receptionist to make all arrangements correctly so that your bus tour with us is the most enjoyable it can be. It is no surprise that countless clients return to use our services again and again, because of our great customer services. So, when you are interested in setting up a bus tour, get in touch with Ideal Charter for a FREE ESTIMATE quote on the cost of a bus tour, today and call: (708) 570-4019.

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