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Ideal Charter is a very well-known and distinguished business all throughout Greater Chicago Metropolitan area and we are also well recognized for our precision and superior customer satisfaction. We have a wide variety of busing for any size group big or small ranging from 28 passenger buses to 52 passenger buses. So whatever the request may be Ideal Charter is capable of handling it all. Our company is dedicated to getting our residents and visitors anywhere they need to be on time and in comfort, with our knowledge and skill of the industry we guarantee you will have absolutely no complaints after using our services. We take great pride in providing affordable and safe transportation for all of our guests. You will never have to worry about being late to your destination, Ideal Charter takes great precautions on making sure our guests don’t have to be concerned about being late to their important events or meetings. Regardless if you need a 32 passenger bus, a 35 passenger bus, a 44 passenger bus or a 52 passenger bus Ideal Charter has the exact option for the Lombard residents.

Lombard 32 Passenger Bus

Lombard, Illinois residents prefer Ideal Charter when wanting or in need of the greatest ground transportation services around. No matter if our Lombard visitors or residents are in need of transportation ranging from anything to corporate business meetings, business conferences or weddings, Ideal Charter will get the job done without difficulties. So if you’re looking for professional and affordable ground transportation we recommend Ideal Charter to accomplish any request you have. In addition to our excellent services, our chauffeurs are always very friendly and respectful, they have no problem getting you from place to place without any issues. That’s why our Lombard residents know that Ideal Charter is the only business they need to know when looking for the best in ground transportation!

Lombard 35 Passenger Bus

It is always a possibility to run into a variety of delays when traveling but be reassured it will not be from Ideal Charter, we always make sure we are very punctual. Not to mention our chauffeurs are always professional and take their job very seriously and their ready to take on any situation that comes their way. Furthermore, we offer great discounts to our customers who book multiple trips associated to their wedding. At Ideal Charter we are always taking the appropriate steps to make sure your 32 passenger bus, 35 passenger bus or 44 passenger bus rentals will be both economical and as enjoyable as possible. Please contact us and be sure to ask about our absolutely free estimate for your bus rentals at the following number at: (708) 570–4019. We are looking forward to your call!  

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