Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order services?
When should I book my services?
I have my confirmation. Can I still make changes? Will I lose my reservation?
How much does renting a bus charter cost or other fleet vehicle?
What are fuel surcharges?
Is sales tax included in the rates?
When do my charges start and end?
Can I bring food and refreshments on the bus?
Is alcohol and/or smoking allowed on board?
Do your vehicles have heat and air conditioning?
Can I charge my services to my credit card?
How much time is allowed to complete a one way transfer?
How Far Can A Driver Drive in a Day?
Am I responsible for reserving a room for my chauffer for overnight trips?
Are you able to get buses that have handicap accessibility?
Are additional stops allowed?
What is your cancellation policy?
Do you own your buses or are you a broker?