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How Much Is a Party Bus? Your Pre-Party Planning Guide

The Party Supply Rental industry has grown by 3.1% over the past five years and is expected to reach $6 Billion by the end of 2019. 

And it’s a growing business for good reason… who doesn’t like a party bus? 

Party buses not only offer a practical solution to transporting large groups of people. They offer an exciting experience that adds to special events like weddings and birthdays. 

However, when you start your research to figure out how much is a party bus, you’ll likely find a lot of different options. 

Here’s our guide to navigating the price of renting a party bus. 

Overview: How Much is a Party Bus 

Many different factors impact the price of a party bus. However, a general average is $700 to $1000.

In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of renting a party bus. The key factors that decide the price of a rental include: 

  • Type of party bus and the number of passengers
  • Duration of the ride 
  • Pick-up and drop off times and locations
  • Amenities and special requests 

Let’s dive in!

Choosing The Right Party Bus 

When you start your party bus research, you’ll find that there are many different types of party bus rentals to choose from. 

There are different styles, sizes, and amenities that all impact the price of a party bus. 

For example, there are large charter buses designed for maximum comfort and large groups. There are limo buses for groups seeking a glamorous experience. There are SUVs and Hummers for smaller groups, luxury options, and so much more. 

Three main factors should help you decide which type of party bus will be best for you. Those are your budget, purpose, and number of passengers. 

The more passengers you have, the bigger vehicle you will need, which will increase the price. If you’re trying to make the bus ride an experience versus a simple solution to transport a large group, you’ll want more amenities, which will increase the price. 

Duration of the Ride 

Most party buses will be offered in blocks of time, usually in four-hour increments. Even if you only need the bus for two hours, you will still be charged for the base rate. 

The length of the ride isn’t just the time spent on the party bus itself. This also includes wait time if you are having a driver take you to, and picking you up from an event. 

These prices at first may seem like a lot. But once you consider the individual costs of getting a Lyft or Uber per person. Plus, factor in the convenience of keeping your party together and not having to worry about finding a ride. It all becomes very worth it. 

Picking Up and Dropping Off 

The time of day you choose to be picked up and dropped off will impact the total cost of your experience. Just like rideshare apps have surge pricing during busy hours, it will be more expensive to get a bus during weekend evenings than during weekdays. 

Typically, anytime after 5 p.m. will be more expensive. Most services also charge extra for after hours pick-ups and drop-offs. 

Pick-up and drop-off locations, and the number of stops you ask of your driver will all also reflect the total cost. 

Most party bus services work within a set radius of their place of business. Most will charge more if they have to travel outside of their general operating radius. 

Most services will also charge for making multiple pick-ups and drop-offs. So it’s best to have your entire party picked-up and dropped-off in one place.  

Party Bus Amenities 

Amenities and special requests are where prices and skew greatly. Amenities like a dancing pole, television, karaoke machine, DJ and decorations will all impact your total cost. 

When it comes to food and drinks, check with company for their policies before you assume anything. Some allow you to bring your own food or alcohol. Some provide basics like a bottle of champagne for all reservations. While others charge extra for food and drink. 

It’s also important not to assume when it comes to entertainment and music on your bus. Don’t assume your bus will have satellite radio or be compatible with your iPhone. Don’t assume music and entertainment will be provided. 

It would be such a bummer if you made a whole party playlist to play on the ride, only to get on board and realize the bus couldn’t even play it. 

Tips for Making the Reservation 

It’s suggested that you make reservations at least one month prior to your desired date. The longer in advance the better, just be sure to follow-up as you approach your date to make sure nothing got overlooked or lost in scheduling. 

The more you communicate your needs ahead of time, the better your experience will be. 

If you let the company know what you are renting the bus for, they can often help you make arrangements and put a special, unique touch on the event. 

Remember that most companies have relationships with venues and party supply stores, and can be great resources for pulling everything together. 

Make sure the company is aware of your route. If you are simply going from point A to point B, will need a vehicle to wait for you, or need to make multiple stops. Verify this at the time of the reservation. And also in-person when you meet your driver.  

Choosing the Right Service

When it comes to finding out how much is a party bus and choosing the right service, choose a company with a solid reputation and great reviews. 

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